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Montessori Kindergarten And Nursery Teacher Training Course – Regular Batch For Freshers

Candidates who are passionate about training young children are open to take admission to the course. The fresher’s joining the course will undergo detailed training so that they can take up teaching positions in the Montessori , Kindergarten and other schools to train children in Pre-primary & Primary level.

The Montessori training program is a challenging experience, providing participants with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ideas and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori and develop the skills to pass the knowledge gained to future generations of Montessori teachers.

The method adopted when implemented could bring out path breaking changes in the attitude and behavior of the children, so that teachers will be able to bring out ‘children groups, with the behavioral and intellectual patterns that will be beneficial to the future of the society.

The level being basic the focus of the training will be on bringing out a transformation in the aspirants by making them understand the concepts in teaching, learning and evaluation. The trainees in the course will be made to step by step learn the intricacies of teaching for effective learning to happen and also the evaluation techniques to be adopted. To be a teacher one needs to bring out the inner element of educating others. The Course enables the candidates to find the need level for it and the ability to raise the bar beyond to attain the levels of excellence.

Montessori Kindergarten And Nursery Teacher Training Course Weekend Batch – For In Service School Teachers And College Lecturers

The Program will be for the School teachers / College Lecturers who are working in the respective positions but yet are seeking professional support to bridge the gap between the expected and the current levels of deliverables in the field of teaching.
The Montessori training program is a challenging experience, providing participants with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the ideas and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori and develop the skills to pass the knowledge gained to future generations of Montessori teachers.

The course content and the training will enable them to learn the nuances / skills to make their teaching to be more effective for bringing out visible and concrete learning to happen in students. The Course also deals in qualitative evaluation techniques which are essential for the teachers to make proper assessments.

On Completion of the Course and passing the Theory and Practical tests of Teacher Training Course –Certificate will be awarded. The Certificate will help gain employment as a ‘Trained teacher’ in institutions. The skills learned will be a strong tool to win positions.

Teacher – Orientation Program (For in service teachers and Lecturers of college)

This is a ONE / TWO day program based Certification Course. The program helps in refreshing and updating the knowledge and skills in teaching and will also help greatly to learn to face situational difficulties that they have and focused teaching requirements. The participants could be junior / Senior level teachers, who want to have refreshing experience in their professional skills.

The Curriculum and Syllabus for the Courses will be falling under the broader framework of our existing schools, so that the trained candidates will be able to easily fit into the system of teaching on the one side and the syllabus to be covered on the other. The three essentials “Teaching”, “Learning” and “Evaluation” will find major focus, which actually make the training very distinct and result oriented. The teachers will have highly refreshing experience post training. The methodology adopted and the learning that happens would ensure that the formative years of the children are ideally moulded by the teachers trained in the institution. The children will exhibit Self-confidence reflecting their intellectual ability, which will be built on a sound emotional, psychological and social base.

Core Features of Training

Facilitation approach - Trained teachers will be able to train & guide the children in the classroom developing in them the skills to think and decide too. Teachers as facilitators would be beside them to assist and direct whenever required avoiding unnecessary interference. Each child will be working individually learning to truly understand according to his / her own unique needs and capabilities.

Comprehensive yet focused - The features of the training would be such that, keeping the nucleus undisturbed in regard to the concept of the psychological, emotional and intellectual development that is aimed in the children, the syllabus is made pragmatic & matching with the needs of urban and rural communities basing on the cultural, social, lingual and economic framework.

Duration of the Course:

Two batches are conducted annually (one is free to choose and register for any one option as per timing suitable).

First session (Regular batch) - (June to December)
Second session                       - (December to May)

 Monday – Friday
 Class timing: 10:30 - 1:30 pm

Weekend batch First session (June to December) or Second session (December to May)

 Saturday and Sunday
 Class timings: 10:30 – 4 pm (Saturday); 10:30 - 1 pm (Sunday)

Time for collecting FORMS is between 10.30 am. to 6.00 pm. from Monday to Saturday

Application forms are available for both batches from June every year for first sessions and December every year for the second session.

Eligibility for the Course:

10th Pass OR Equivalent to it

Job Opportunities

Our training in the institute always enjoyed immense goodwill and trust among the general public and also a number of schools. The training quality has been appreciated. This is visible in the number of our trained candidates getting absorbed in teachers’ jobs. It is the overall quality that is singled out and praised.

Sunshine Teachers Training Institute is also approached for spotting teaching talent by the schools when they make appointments. The Institute enjoys such a status. This activity in fact goes on throughout the year. 99% of the trainees once they finish training are gainfully employed. Around 1000 of our trained candidates were so far absorbed by schools which is something that we consider as a reward for the focused efforts and the quality that we offer.

There is a good demand for trained teachers who are talented all over India. Having been able to successfully produce trained teachers who can deliver the best of quality in teaching and setting up of institutional centres, we now intend offering Franchise for “Sunshine Teachers Training” to those interested to take out their entrepreneurial journey in the field.

Teacher Training Workshops that we conduct

We conduct various workshops and vocational courses for our trainees. The following are the workshops:
 First aid
 Handling special children
 Personality grooming session
 Handwriting readiness programme

Curriculum for Montessori

Introduction to Montessori
It is to introduce one to Montessori System and the Uniqueness it presents. It introduces one to the Life and works of the founder of Montessori system Dr. Maria Montessori and the method that she propounded and her Theories and Philosophy. The topics range from sensitiveness in children, preparing of the environment, pedagogical rules for presentations. All these are covered in detail.

 Life and Works of Dr. Montessori, Her Method and Philosophy
 Concepts of Prepared Environment, Freedom of Choice, Sensitive Periods, Mixed Age Groups, Access and Proportion, etc.
 Phases of Development
 Teacher’s Role as a Montessori Directress
 How to Present Lessons in Montessori Way
 How to Organize and Manage a Montessori classroom

File 1: Exercises of Practical Life (EPL)

Exercises of practical life (EPL) include simple actions in daily life performed by adults around. They are areal and happening as real situations. If they are introduced to children in the early life at the right time, they learn to do things themselves rather than depending on elders. Independence will become a personal trait to be there in them for the entire lifetime.

The guidebook reveals a range of step by step activities – from a simple act, such as the act of pouring water from a jug to the complex acts such as Washing a set of dishes. All such acts tend to satisfy the urge that is there in the children to do things, to be independent, loving to work, enhance internal happiness, feeling self-satisfied and self respect. The habits to give and take gracefully, coordination and grace in movements; love for nature.

File 2: Exercises of Sensorial Development

Senses play an important role in everybody’s life. They will connect like bridges to the environment around. They act like channels for the outside information to pass into the mind. Child will be in the rapid development from the age of 7 years. The senses are sharpened. It is possible only through the opportunities given to children.

The guidebook gives a step by step account of what to follow to achieve the desired objectives through illustrations, highly capturing visuals, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory and the other exercises of hearing.

File 3: Language activities

The language curriculum of Montessori follows multi-dimensional approach to provide activities that are appropriate and the materials that match the needs of all areas which include phonics, reading, writing, grammar and spoken language in a way that is systematic. 44 phonic sounds of English language, with the 144 different alphabetic representations. Further activities lead children through three lettered phonetic words (pink level), longer phonetic ords (blue level), high frequency words (sight words), phonogramic words (green level) and finally total reading. Alongside, the use of metal insets train the child's hand for manipulating the pencil and sandpaper letters make him familiar with the way to write them.

File 4: Math Manual A

The manual enables use of amazing range of Montessori Math materials, which surprise the expert mathematicians even today. The number rods, sandpaper numbers, spindle box and number cards and counters teach children counting, identification and association of quantities and numerals till ten using concrete materials. Then, the exercises in decimal system group, normally done with golden bead material and corresponding number cards, take children to enriched concrete experiences in addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Alongside, exercises in linear counting group enable children to count in till hundred and then one thousand.

File 5: Culture A

Children experience life sciences (botany & zoology), physical sciences, history, geography (man-made and natural), arts, dance and music are given to the child under the header of cultural exercises in Montessori Classroom. Curriculum ideally provides children opportunity to explore the whole world including the continents, countries, people, cultures, terrain, natural phenomena, sciences and arts.

The manual includes activities which are concrete materials so that the child understands in the subject areas and to develop personality. This would transform the child’s own culture to become independent.

Teacher Training Orientation

Every new batches of trainees commence with an orientation program. The founder of the institution, Mr. Shakiraahmed effectively interacts with the new trainees to give detailed explanation about the content of the course – theory and practicals


The infrastructure include two spacious and well ventilated classrooms, an air-conditioned classroom with the basic amenities to promote efficient learning, a projector room for theory classes and another for carrying out practical sessions in Nursery and Montessori

The materials that support teaching effectively are available handy so that the trainees could handle and learn the way they should be able to present.


Project day, food festival, religious and national festival celebrations, farewell parties, fresher’s day, theme based topics.