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Hi5 Children Academy
No:1, Police Manickam Street
Chennai-600 023
Contact No. 9962501555


Sai Bhavani Teachers Training Institute
89/1, Ma Po Si Street, Sathananthapuram
New Perangalathur
Chennai -600 063
Contact No. 8939729388


Shri Ram Academy
27 A/82, Vellalar Street
Mugappair West
Chennai-600 037
Contact No. 9841004873

Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute

Start your own Kindergarten School

If you are nurturing an idea to start a Kindergarten school – Primary & Nursery - on the lines of Montessori methodology, Sunshine Teachers Training Institute is here to help you do that and be successful in your efforts. In other words we help you become a successful educationist – an entrepreneur too!!

Montessori Model

Montessori model is the most ideal one for Kindergarten type of Nursery & Primary school centre, since only Montessori model advocates learning through body and mind coordination, which is the essential type of learning that should happen right at the young age. Sunshine Teachers Training Institute believes it in letter and spirit.

Congenial living and being peaceful and happy

The other essential aspect that Sunshine Teachers Training Institute focuses upon is to work on to correct the behavioral patterns in children. It is easier to correct them at the tender age and create habits that are congenial for living and help being peaceful and happy. Societal requirements such as co-existence, tolerance, appreciation, empathy which they learn help these children when they grow as adults. These are considered as the most essential aspects by Sunshine Teachers Training Institute.

Turnkey support from us

Sunshine Teachers Training Institute is available all through to provide franchisees the basic concept i.e., the product, men and material planning, and marketing and promotion guidance. The formula that we provide would make you steadily grow and enlarge your operations with time and get set for a long term effective working. Sunshine Teachers Training Institute helps you with guidance and support to maintain the quality standards and in increased enrolments.

For structured handling of the operations - Sunshine Teachers Training Institute offers Franchise model for Kindergarten school which relieves you from planning things and helps you in effective setting up of school centre giving you the roadmap for structured handling of the operations taking out largely the difficulties in professional decision making by providing confident and successful working structure with a vision to succeed and earn.

Franchise offer

The Franchise offer includes the following:
We offer the working model which you could readily adopt for setting up the school centre on the lines.
How you become a Franchisee
  You will submit your application and pay a nominal fee. Scrutinizing your application Sunshine Teachers Training Institute will confirm their decision. Affirmation and      approval will permit you to operate as an AUTHORISED FRANCHISE CENTRE of Sunshine
  Sign an Agreement
  Get your teacher /s trained
  And with centre getting ready, start operating the School centre procuring a few study material kits initially.

Marketing mix that Sunshine Teachers Training Institute offers

The educational product (Nursery and Primary School education)

Since the product is strongly based on Montessori system and well tinkered for the contemporary needs through curriculum and syllabus treated to the best of operational requirements, the Franchisees would find it easy to adopt and start off with the operations even within a week if the furnished place is ready.
Product constitutes both material and the coaching offered engaging the services of competent teachers.

Place for school centre

Sunshine Teachers Training Institute guides and supports the Franchisees by providing them a lay-out that will not only be cost effective but effectively supporting the operations.

Pricing (the Fee structure)

The Fee structure recommended will be competitive in the market and at the same time quite viable, so as to make the Sunshine Teachers Training Institute - Franchisee enjoy decent revenue.
All stakeholders will be happy being a part of the Sunshine Teachers Training Institute Franchisee model with the incomes that are most justified.


Sunshine Teachers Training Institute will suggest the right promotional package for the Franchisee to adopt. It will be nominal and at the same time effective.
Sunshine Teachers Training Institute would also help and support in social media marketing which is most preferred these days and results are easy to come by.

Come & take a journey with us – you will enjoy working with us for long – Together we win.