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Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery teacher training – at its best

‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute’ provides ‘Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery teacher training’ to the aspirants who want to educate and train children of age below 12 years to bring about a quality change in their lives right from their young age and make their lives more meaningful. The ‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute’ follows Montessori Method of training to develop teachers who could adopt the values in training children.

Designing the human lives

Since the teachers are said to be the people who design the human lives at their very young age, so that they grow with life skills together with knowledge that are essential for worldly life, it is essential that the teachers are competent & fully trained. They should be more bent towards developing the character and behavior of the children which forms the essential base on which knowledge of the world is built and which happens many times as a matter of fact.


To create an awareness about the Montessori principles and ideologies in the society.


The mission of the institution is to train the adults in the Montessori approach so that all the children have a Montessori education which enables them to lead a independent and fulfilling life as adults.


 Customized Courses
 Education and Training in the Field
 Teaching Resources and Simulations
 Education Services
 Mind to achieve high standard of efficiency
 The characteristics of the 'ideal' language teacher
 Practical training in the skills element
 Scholarship up to 50% for the deserving candidates
 Guidance to the candidate who desire to start their own play school



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