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One cannot think of a world where there are no teachers. It will be a land of chaos where there are no teachers. From the time immemorial, teachers always made their strong presence. Teachers were dominant in the societies since every man and woman irrespective of his / her stature should have gone through a phase of education and only the teacher – the Guru – would have initiated such education. Education in the right sense is not about knowing certain subjects. But education is all embracing knowledge – more especially education is for the knowledge that drives the lives of human beings. In fact, a person cannot be called a literate, if there is no knowledge about life.

Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute

‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute’was established in the year 2006. The institute was founded with the sole purpose of providing ‘teacher training” to the aspirants who want to educate and train children of age below 12 years to bring about a quality change in their lives right from their young age and make their lives more meaningful. Teachers are said to be the people who design the lives of people at their very young age, so that they grow with life skills together with knowledge that are essential for worldly life.

Montessori Method of Training - Proven and Time tested

‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies act, Registration no. 160/2014. The institution is ISO 9001:2008 Certified & IAO (International Accreditation Organization) USA certified too. The institute has been a member of ‘Association of Montessori International’. ‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute’ follows Montessori method of training to develop teachers who could adopt the values concerned in training children. Montessori method of training is proven and time tested. Having the Head office at Purasawalkam the institute has branches in other parts of Chennai such as Aynavaram, Mugappair, Perangalathur and Shenoy Nagar.

Under the able supervision of the founder Mrs. Shakira Ahmed,– a Graduate - ‘Sunshine Teachers’ Training Institute’ has so far trained more than 1000 teachers who are serving the needs of teaching the young children in different institutions. Having been a distinct functionary in Airlines and Travel Management till 1998, her passion had driven her to pursue the Advanced Diploma in Montessori Kindergarten and Nursery Teacher Training. Thereafter she founded the institute – then called ‘Shine Educational Society’


 To train women in the Montessori methodology. The training is student- centric.
 To assist all the successfully trained candidates in securing employment in schools.
 Developing Entrepreneurs - By teaching the aspirants the technicalities, managerial skills and practical methods to open their own Montessori Pre-schools.
 To create opportunities for all pre-school children to have the best possible education under the guidance of trained & qualified pre-school teachers.